Adventure Awaits

I have always known that corporate America would only be a stage in my journey, and the two and a half years I spent at AT&T have been a gift from God. The job provided a needed opportunity for me to be professionally trained, gain experience, and earn the finances to pay off my student loans. Although work has been challenging, my sales position at AT&T has provided an amazing growth experience for which I am incredibly thankful!

For months I have been asking friends to pray that I would get laid off during company restructuring this fall. I know — especially during “challenging economic times” this is a ridiculous request, but I thought a smooth exit and severance package would allow me some time and freedom as I regroup and follow God into the next stage of my life.

I didn’t get laid off. But, I was put on a new team doing a similar job, and figured I could do my job while exploring next steps. I kept telling people, “this is the next best thing.”

Then, a few weeks later, I was offered the choice to take a severance package. It was out of the blue, totally surprising, and by the grace of God!

So, I’m off to a new adventure. I admit that I am nervous, but so excited. I explained to a friend yesterday that especially because this seems so clearly God’s provision I know I can rest in Him throughout trips and transitions. I am a woman blessed by God.