Hi friends!

I am writing from The Palm Jumeirah, where Cara is tutoring and I just finished a run down the frond which houses her Kazak student — a six year old working hard to learn English so he can be his parents’ translator.

If you have heard about Dubai, it is likely that you have heard of this man-made palm tree shaped land providing beach-front property to many opulant people (apparently including Beckham). It also has the ritzy Atlantis hotel at the top.

It is a beautiful afternoon! Here is a picture I just took with my trusty iPhone:

This is facing the mainland from the end of the frond I’m on, and you can see the Burj Al Arab on the left.

I will send more pics to blogger momentarily. I’m having trouble posting multiple pics at once from my iphone for some reason. Also, I’ll do a post about some of my other adventures of the last few days soon. They have been eventful, including Arabic lessons, shopping, sharing my story with a mixed group of friends, and some other things :-). I’ll post more pictures when I have access to a computer as well.


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