Hi Everyone,

I have had a nice few days with Kevin and Keely. After getting back to Casablanca on Saturday, Michelle stayed for a few nights for some down time. She left for Fes on Monday, and I will be joining her to visit three cities in that area tomorrow morning. Ryan left today to finish his travels in Italy.

SO, there are not too many adventures to report for this week. Ryan and I wondered into what I think is the thieves market on Tuesday. There were lots of things like used cell phones and laptops as well as pretty much anything else you can imagine in little shops. We also ventured out yesterday to see the Hasan II Mosque, which is one of the largest mosques in the world. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to work out a little bit (Kevin has some P90x videos, which have been fun). I baked cookies yesterday morning, one of my favorite things to do!

I also have been working on some next steps planning. It is exciting that I’ll be on my way home for a week, but do plan to do more traveling soon after getting back to Maryland. I’ll be home (in Ellicott City) from the 11th until the 21st or so, and then will be spending about a week at my grandparents’ house in Pennsylvania. After that there are a few options on the horizon, and I’ll let you know as I get more information and make some decisions.

Here are some pictures from the mosque:


Hopefully I’ll have some more fun stories for you in my next post! I’m meeting up with Michelle tomorrow, so if history is any indication we’ll get ourselves into some kind of adventure:-).