Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry that this post is so delayed!

This is Azrou.

Last weekend’s Atlas Mountain travels continued to have lots of cold rain. Michelle and I bussed to Chefchaouen on Monday morning. It is really pretty — a town with white walls and blue doors, but I’m afraid that we couldn’t enjoy it much in the pouring rain.

During our rainy day in Chefchaouen, we went to a carpet shop and had a fun time. Michelle had a great time getting me proposed to by the carpet shop owner. I had to decline, even after his offer of 198 cows (payment to her, of course).
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The ride back to Casablanca was beautiful!

Tuesday I took the bus back to Casablanca, and was really glad to get warm and hang out with Kevin and Keely. We watched The Two Towers extended edition on Tuesday night. I really enjoy those stories. It is nice to step out of the everyday patterns of life and think about the bigger picture, which I think epics help us to do. It is especially good as I think through what I want to do with my life:-).

Wednesday I went to the Casablanca medina on my own to do a little shopping. It was a fun day meeting people on the street and barganing for a few things I wanted. I’m not sure whether I’ve ever done that alone before, and it was certainly interesting! In the evening we watched The Return of the King.

I flew home on Thursday. Kevin graciously offered to drive me to the airport, and after circling it several times due to very very confusing and insufficient signage we found my drop-off point and I began my journey. I realized I still had a lot of “American” in me when the security procedures to board the flight took, I kid you not, about an hour and a half. I felt like I got to know everyone on my plane as we each went through line after line, sometimes being turned back to fill out a form or questioned by some very slow-moving personell. The same guy (about my age) inspected my bag in two different stations.

The flight to JFK was good. It took about 8 hours and went smoothly. I got to see The Blind Side (twice, they played back to back) for the first time. I really enjoyed it. The JFK experience wasn’t great but I found my flight and we eventually took off.

About two hours after the scheduled arrival time we landed in Baltimore. My bag was one of the first off the plane and it was sooo nice to have John pick me up and to go home to my beautiful room at the Gladstone house.

I have had a great time getting to see friends (although I definetely haven’t seen everyone important yet) and resting up this weekend. I was frusterated that I wasn’t feeling well on Saturday and Sunday and didn’t have much energy. I’m feeling MUCH better today, though, and am thankful for that!

I have some debriefing work to do this week as I process through my trip. Thanks again to everyone for following this trip! I will continue writing as my adventure continues. Also, I’ll post more pictures from my last few weeks.