Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for your patience as it has been so long since I’ve posted! It has been an eventful month or so, and I’m going to try to start getting caught up.

Thanks so much for your prayers for the adventure relay! I survived all of my runs (and ran it all, although not too quickly), and had a wonderful time! I was the first runner, so I started our team out at 10:15am. My first leg was 6 miles in Pennsylvania countryside, and reminded me a little bit of running in Grove City. A few miles in, I got concerned since my feet were falling asleep. My shoes were new, and I was afraid that there was something wrong with them. I’m embarrassed to say that it probably took me a mile of running to realize that they were tied too tight. After adjusting them things went better! My run finished past Gettysburg College and through the city of Gettysburg. It is beautiful!

This is Emily and me preparing for the race.

My team was waiting for me when I finished my first run. I was so thankful to know that it was the longest one I’d be doing, so it was quite a relief to have it over! Stacy ran after me, then the rest of our team. There were a few epic runs completed by my teammates in the first leg. It was great to get to cheer for them.

Many of the transition points were entertaining — I liked this one.

My second run was right at dark, around 8pm and was about 5 miles. It was probably my best run in terms of speed, but I was nervous running alone on country roads after dark. Thankfully, though, I was safe!

We got some sleep on a gym floor (about 2 hours), before we traveled to the start of my 4 mile third leg, which I started at 5am. I started the team along the C&O Canal, which we followed for the rest of the day. We had a great time together as a team especially as we each completed our last legs. What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!

This was right after the last transition point. After sending Dan (the last runner) off on his final leg we jumped in our cars to head to the finish line in DC.