Hi Friends,

The day after getting home from the Adventure Relay I jumped on a plane to Ft. Lauderdale to visit my sister Allison.

Allison is 13 months younger than me. She went to school at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. After graduating she spent a year teaching in South Korea and then lived with my parents for several months prior to moving back to Florida to be a nanny. She started a new job on May 3, so the week prior to that (when I visited) was a perfect opportunity to spend some fun time together!

I can’t get over how fun it is to be with my siblings now that we are grown up. I am just so amazed how God has worked in each of us so differently, and how great each of my siblings are in their unique ways! Allison and I had a great time talking through things we’ve learned, and I was struck by how different our journeys have been, even though we were raised by the same people, have similar genetics, and have shared friends and experienced many of the same things throughout our lives.

Here are some of the things we did!

We visited the Everglades:

I got to meet many of Allison’s friends. She seems to have some wonderful people to share life with there. Since her birthday was the day after I left, I was able to attend her birthday party:

We thought the reactions people had when they heard we were sisters was funny… as it has been for most of our lives. “Really???,” “You guys look NOTHING alike,” “I can see it,” “Are you sure?,” “I can see it in your eyes,” “Wow! You guys look alike,” were just some of the exclamations we elicited.

On my last night there Allison, her friend Kristen, and I went to a nice area in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, intending to take a night boat-ride. We ended up missing the boat by about 10 seconds, so we walked around a park and took some pictures. It was a lovely night.