Today was really nice! After sleeping for over 13 hours, I (reluctantly) got myself out of bed and had a nice breakfast and time of Bible study. I then went out for a run, which was wonderful! Thanks to  I had a route in mind but I ended up following a random assortment of foot paths onto the grounds of Cottingley Manor ( which has beautiful woods and many, many paths throughout! It was cloudy and cool — great running weather and a wonderful introduction to Northern England.

Bob and Kathryn and I had a lovely lunch and then went into Bradford. It is a really interesting place, which apparently was most prosperous during Victorian times where it was a center of mills. We met with someone, walked around, visited the town hall building (I can’t remember what it’s called here), and then went to a gorgeous bookstore and then to the Starbucks which shares it.

After getting back to the house we made a quick turnaround and drove to Manchester (about an hour and a half away) to meet with a pastor about an upcoming conference. The meeting was over dinner at a curry place :-). The drive was beautiful — the sun peaked out for part of it, which was very exciting!

Here are some pictures of views from the house:

Bob and Kathryn’s amazing garden. I’ll get out there and take some more pics soon.

The view from the front of the house. It’s foggy, but still beautiful!