Hi All,

Another rainy, but good, day in England. This morning I went to church with some friends and then did some various things with Bob and Kathryn in the afternoon. We went to their church at 4pm and then to another friend’s house for dinner, where we ate Jordanian food which was brilliant!

I continue to enjoy my time here. It has been a pleasure to see some new friends in more than one venue, so I am feeling more and more acclimated here. I continue to learn a lot from Bob and Kathryn — they are heavenly people and it is a pleasure to get to follow them around as they so naturally influence others in such a positive way — just through living genuine lives.

I am looking forward to this next few days, which will be more relaxed than the ten days starting Friday when we will be joined by other Americans and I will jump into a much more rigorous schedule (although this weekend has been quite busy in its own right).

I hope you are all doing well also!