Hi Friends,

Today was the last before I am part of a team coming from the states to do join in some projects we have been preparing, meet people in the international community here, etc. I will be moving tomorrow to stay with a local family. I’m really looking forward to staying with them — we went over to their house for dinner last week and they are really fun!

This morning I enjoyed my run. I took a little different path and ran through more woods and less road while listening to a Matt Wertz album. It was quite fun. Thanks again to Emily for the wonderful gift of my iPhone arm band which makes running and listening possible!

In the afternoon, I took a bus into the heart of the city! Even with as much public transportation as I have taken, it still makes me nervous the first time I travel somewhere. I went and met Olau, a friend who works in Conflict Resolution, and attended the University of Bradford for a degree in that subject. I am very interested in entering that field and it was wonderful that he was willing to show me around the school and tell me all about it!

In the later afternoon Bob, Kathryn and I worked on some final preparations for the team. Then we had dinner and watched a little Magnum, P.I. (a first for me) before heading to bed early!

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up daily updates after my move, but I’m not sure what the internet situation will be at the new house. I always love hearing from you!!!