Hi Everyone,

The last few days have been good with the team. It is a neat group, half living in CO and half from VA. Yesterday we helped some local churches put on a gala for the community, and it was neat to see the very diverse community come together in a really fun time for the kids. I painted a lot of faces!!! Afterward one of my teammates and I went to a family’s house for dinner, which was lovely.

Today we went to three church services. It has been fun getting to know several of the believing families through various activities!

My host family is definitely the best. They are Tim and Bethan, and they have three kids in their late teens. Today we had a few hours off, and they offered to take me and some of the other Americans to Saltaire, a really nice area in Bradford. It was a hub during the industrial revolution, and the entrepreneur of the area was one of the first to provide nice housing, parks, schools, a church, etc. for his workers. Now the area has been refurbished and is a really nice young professional community.

Here is a picture:

I’m not sure how well you’ll be able to tell, but this afternoon we had cappuccinos next to this river. On the other side there are chaps in white uniforms playing cricket in the middle of a park. So charming and British!!! 😀