Hi Friends,

I hope everyone is well!

Yesterday, I volunteered to help out in a shop which does some neat work with youth here in the city. I washed dishes, met the youth, and even got to make an “authentic” American hamburger for a customer (authentic because of the American making it… not the burger). It’s fun to be a novelty every now and again:-).

Making the “authentic” burger.

After leaving the shop I went to Leeds with a friend and had a nice time seeing the neighboring city.

Me in Leeds.

Today I went to a conference about community organization for leaders in this Bradford. The speaker was an American clergyman, and it was a bizarre situation to be the only other American in the room. I found myself identifying more with my British colleagues than with the presenter. I think it’s really valuable to get out of one’s culture to gain perspective on things like our attitudes about ourselves and our role in the world, our political bias, and things along those lines.

After the conference, I got back to the house around 5! This has been unheard of — I had the first “down” night since the team arrived 11 days ago. It was fun to have tea (supper) with the family and then just spend the evening getting prepared for the next few days and catching up with a few people online.