I just spent my Saturday morning in Bethlehem relaxing and catching up on reading blogs.

It occurred to me that the blogs I follow are about as different from mine as they can be. They are almost all blogs of superb mothers, homemakers, and hostesses. They write about crafting and decorating and babies and photography. Many are written by friends of mine, several are from women who are writers whose blogs I have happened upon over time.

I have always loved domestics, and my desire to be a homemaker is as strong as (sometimes stronger) than my desire to be a traveler or an adventurer. I know that homemaking and adventuring certainly aren’t mutually exclusive. But the way I am at it now, in Palestine in a great house but without an oven or other essentials for parties, and staying just long enough to make domestic effort seem to not be worth it, they are.

Travel blogger spends her Saturday mornings reading domestic American blogs from the conflict-ridden heart of the Middle East. I admit it:-).