Last Tuesday, my sister Jenni and her new roommate Tina came to Baltimore to pick me up and take me back to Pittsburgh, where Jenni is now living. She graduated in May from Grove City (my alma mater as well) and bought a great house. It was a very short trip and I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see my other family members in Pittsburgh (sorry Bakers, hopefully I’ll see you in the next few months), but we had a really nice time and I’m glad I got to see her and the place that is now her home!
Here are some pictures…
Jenni’s house from the back. The bottom floor is a separate apartment and she and her roommate Tina live in the main house upstairs. I stood next to the garage to take this picture.
The first baking Jenni has done in her new kitchen. Isn’t she cute in her new apron?
We went out in Pittsburgh for a nice Italian dinner. It was great food and a lot of fun.