I just want to say I love my parents…

My last post says a lot about life around here. By the way, I really appreciate your comments and am very glad that many of you thought my life becoming like Tula’s is as funny as I do!

The three of us are working together every day and (occasionally) have fun relaxing together as well. I believe that God has made a way for us to have this time together as a gift, and I’m thankful.

So a few of the big projects we’ve been doing have actually been getting done over the last few weeks (which makes me so happy).

One of our  main projects was turning this student housing

Living room, dorm style.
Master bedroom, dorm style.

Into a guest house:

Guest house living room.
Guest house master.

and of course making a web site about it.

The story here is that this is one of six units my parents invested in several years ago to house undergraduate students in partnership with a local school. This year the school wasn’t able to fill the houses — they are actually only half-full, which we didn’t know for sure was going to happen for sure until school started in the end of August. We’ve been working to find a way to cover the costs of the houses… and this is what we chose to do with one of them. It’s the only thing like it in this city, so we’re hopeful that it’ll be mutually beneficial for us and the community!

It was a lot more work than I anticipated, but we’re pretty happy with the finished result and look forward to welcoming our first guest tonight.