This week, my mom and I went to Greenbluff, an area with lots of farms nearby, twice. The first time, we got pumpkins and squashes of many beautiful varieties. The second time, we went to pick fall raspberries. Here are some pictures from our fall adventures!

Mom got to do her favorite thing: pick berries. Look how happy she is!
We picked many berries to use in our cereal for months to come .
We saw a pumpkin shot out of this crazy cannon!
Ohh, I hope it wasn’t really mom in there after all!
We went through mom’s first hay maze (yes, fun for adults too, and no, I didn’t let her cheat).
Too much fun!
At this farm the goats have a cool habitat.
One of mom’s other favorite things in life: alpacas. They are pretty cute!
And on our way home, these turkeys were in the road. I think we saw at least 12. Thanksgiving, anyone?

We welcome visitors! Anyone tempted?? :-).