Sunday was my dad’s birthday. It was very fun to celebrate with him, and especially because I got to take him on a hike. Actually, he took me, but it was my idea:-).

Here are some pictures of the beautiful afternoon:

I thought this mossy tree was really cool.
When we reached the high ground there were many signs of deer and elk having been there. We started looking for “sheds,” meaning antlers shed by deer after the winter. The whole time I was looking I just kept remembering how bad I always was at “Where’s Waldo” and “I Spy” books. Definitely not my gifting… and antlers are designed to blend in with sticks! Turns out, though, that they are probably still on the deer’s heads. We’ll have to check again in the next few months.
Happy Birthday to the best dad a girl could wish for! I love you!

Look at that view!
On the way back down the mountain my sister called to wish Pops a happy birthday as well.  Interesting how much more snow there is on the shady side of the mountain, isn’t it?!