Today I had the opportunity to be a “community judge” at a speech and debate tournament. It was very fun in and of itself, and it was also a blast from a mostly forgotten part of my past.

I was a debater for one year in high school. In fact, I think I lettered in it (gives some insight into the kind of high schooler I was:-)). Truth be told, I don’t think I was very good. I participated in cross examination (CX) debate, which means I had a partner. My partner was Tabi and she was (and I assume still is) brilliant. Seriously seriously smart girl. Because of her, we made it to the state championship our sophomore year.

During the last few months I have had a few reminders of the past. First of all, we cleaned my parents’ basement over Christmastime. That brought back lots of memories. Old clothes, notes from school and notes from friends, and etc.

Beyond that, it’s 2013, which means it has been 10 YEARS since I graduated from high school in 2003! This is crazy. It has been fun to hear from the other officers from my class and be privy to conversations about how to plan a reunion. That group and I planned many many events back in the day, and although this time it’s over facebook and I’m not really involved (since I’m not in Colorado) it is really fun to hear from them. And it brings back lots of fond memories!

This is Deb, my mentor, with me sometime during high school.