I spent most of the day today in the kitchen, cleaning and getting it back to being the way I like it (things tend to move when you’re gone:-)). Then, much of the afternoon was spent grocery shopping. Since we don’t have a car, I have found that it is much easier and more cost-effective to have our groceries delivered in the UK. I’m not the best online grocery shopper, though, so it takes me a long time to think through what I need and find a way to compare prices. This is easier for me in a store.

For dinner, I found that we had almost everything needed for Shepherd’s Pie, which is one of Kagi’s favorites. I have made a few modified versions of the one shown on this video and we have really liked it. http://allrecipes.com/video/577/irish-shepherds-pie/detail.aspx.

Our house still isn’t totally presentable. I still need to finish cleaning up our living room, which has a few odds and ends and my suit cases and our second bedroom which is also Kagi’s study and the room with all of our closet space. But we’re getting there, slowly but surely.

Note as I post — I wrote this last night and thought I published it! While getting to work on today’s post I just found it, so here you go.