I must have been weighed down as I considered what to write about earlier and decided my walk up the hill would be a worth-while blog. I actually wrote most of another blog but decided it needed too much work to iron out before publishing tonight. So we’re back to the original idea…

Since Kagi and I don’t have a car we do our main grocery shopping online and have it delivered. We did our big shop last week. Today I needed to get a few things we’ve run low on, particularly because I’m leading Global Cafe’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration tomorrow night.

While at the store there was an attempted robbery. It actually was kind of funny, a guy walked in and filled a big bag full of groceries. The man behind the counter had his eye on him via the security cameras, and while I was at the counter the guy walked out. The grocer ran after him and brought the overflowing bag back in. Overall, and interesting thing to watch. It kind of seemed like it happens all the time.

So I walked down the hill (it’s only a 1.33 mile round-trip which makes the fact that I decided to document my struggle rather comical) and visited the local grocery shop. I got what I needed and then knelt on the store floor to pack it all into the backpack which I had (thankfully) thought ahead enough to bring with me. Then I began my journey back up hill:

It was a nice day and I enjoyed a (very) slight diversion through the side of the park. I liked seeing pigeons, ducks, geese, and possibly a swan all in one glance in the pond!
About at this point I was feeling the burn. My house can almost be seen on the left just past the white building.  The hill’s slope is pretty painful at this point… and it’s clear that it’s going to get worse.
The hill is worse and sadly you can’t see the house anymore. But it really is getting closer.
So here’s what all of the fuss is about. This is the backpack I was using. Doesn’t look that bad, does it?
I felt a little better about my internal moaning when I saw all of this again — now in my kitchen. This counted as my weight-lifting for the day! (Note: each of those bags of flour is 1.5 kg).

Life without a car is certainly different!