I woke up this morning and I realized with some shock that I forgot to blog yesterday!

It was a really nice Saturday. In the morning, the we had a church ladies breakfast which five of us came to, which was very nice. I love times of sharing with women — there is so much to learn. We had a nice time reading the Bible, sharing, and praying.

I came home and hung out with Kagi for a while. Then we had some great Skype conversations with good friends — I especially loved speaking with Bumo and Hle who live in Toronto.

After the Skype conversations, though, I realized that it was later than I had planned to start preparing for our dinner guests, Tim and Bethan. We were just having spaghetti  but especially after my Friday baking catastrophe I was uncharacteristically nervous to prepare the meal.

Ultimately, we had a great meal and a great time with these amazing friends. They are such a tremendous blessing to us, and we have a lot to learn from both of them.

We headed to bed pretty shortly after they left. Today has been a pretty perfect Sunday so far — church for us is in the afternoon (soon, actually), so we slept in and then had a nice relaxing morning talking to each other. This afternoon I cleaned the kitchen and made bread:-).

Happy Sunday!