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Intercultural life is hard. It's also very interesting and full of stories. They are hilarious (like when you use the wrong word for something), heartbreaking (like when you come face to face with the realities of inequality), heartwarming (like when a family makes...

Preparing for Reentry

Family photo, May 2019 It has been so long since I have blogged. Since I last wrote, I have lived...

Too Fat

Ah culture differences. Gotta love them:-)! I wrote most of this post the week we arrived in...

Growing Pains

Growing Pains

As I think about the time I will spend at immigration tomorrow, checking to see if my residency permit has gone through, I am reminded of the frustrating aspects of living in Botswana. I have spent six days at immigration so far -- arriving before 6am to make sure I...

Life in Botswana

My Grammy requested that I blog about life in Botswana. That question is a difficult one to answer by itself so it was helpful that more questions followed. I figured it was a good opportunity to answer her questions and see if anyone has more questions. So, post in...

Settling in Botswana

There are many stories to tell from our first month and a half in Botswana. An overall brief update follows:After a summer in England waiting on the government of Botswana to let us know if it was OK to stay in the UK they let us know that they were not going to grant...

Adventure in the Dales

Adventure in the Dales

Kagi and I had a really exciting week last week. There are lots of stories to be told, and although it is no longer lent so I probably won't be blogging daily, I'll try to tell them.First, I'll tell about the climax of our week. In the autumn, +Kara and...

Good Friday, and etc

I forgot to post again yesterday. Kagi and I went out in the early afternoon, and didn't return home until midnight-ish and went straight to bed. We had a great day with friends.One of the most significant moments of the day for me was meditating on this song:We look...

Maundy Thursday

Today is such a special one of remembrance in the Christian calendar. We remember the day that Jesus celebrated Passover with the disciples, taught them to remember the gift of His life given for all of us and the new covenant God was offering through...


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